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About Deviant Hikari..Male/United States Group :icondeidara-fan-page: Deidara-Fan-Page
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So this is where you fell?
You're so beautiful
What would I ever do,
If you hit the ground to hard,
Then crashed into hell?
You are like an angel in the sky,
You came to me,
I don't wanna let go
I want you in my arms,
I don't ever wanna say good bye.
You brought me out of my shell
You help me build confidence,
You got me up on my feel,
I want my future to be with you,
But only time will tell.
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 0
CutForBieber...... Really!?..... Who was the dumb shit that though that up? They need help....BADLY!!!!! Don't anybody need to cut them selves over that little boy who they will never meet. So what if he did drugs? The drugs he did were legal in the state he lives.. Plus I know people who cut themselves for personal reasons.. Not something as stupid as Justin Bieber doing drugs... Its just disrespectful to the people who actually has a cutting problem.  Its a dangerous things to do...Sooooo all of you that "CutForBieber" get some HELP!!!!! You need it.... :)
Love Hikari....
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 1
Otaku and Proud
You say English, we say Japanese
You say cars, we say Nyan Cat
You say Justin Beiber, we say Vocaloid
You say swords, we say Bleach
You say reality, we say anime
You say comics, we say manga
You say countries, we say Hetalia
You say hello, we say konichiwa
You learn Japanese from classes, we learn from shows
You cry if a character dies, we have a rainbow of emotions
You only feel what your favorite person feels, we feel what everyone else is feeling
You crush on pop stars, we crush on anime characters
You think we're crazy, but we think you're just normal
You say crazy, we say Soul Eater
You think we're fangirls/fanboys, but we're all Otakus.
Re-Post if you are an Otaku and proud!
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 2 2
Throbbing my veins
Seems that's I'm stuck in chains
In it we are the same
As sharp as a knife
Can grip and hold someone's life
Cause nothing but strife
Something I can't control
As black as coal
It darkens one soul
It may be physical
It can be physical
Buts its not overpowering
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 2 5
Is it real?
Is it fake
Someone tell me
For my sanity's sake
I've been seeing things
Are the or are the not real?
Can I touch it?
Is it something I can feel
What is wrong with me?
Someone tell me
What is it?
I don't think its meant to be
Now that I'm locked up
In this white room
They've made me promises
That they would see me soon
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 0
Dreaming day and night
Never to wake
I didn't do anything
So why must I partake
From the shining sun
To the glowing moons
Never so change
Let is be soon
You may have hurt me
But I'm not down
I'm not dead
In despair I hope drown
When I wake
In you shall be implosions
Burning hot and bright
I shall cause explosions
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 1 0
End days
Purple sun
Vallium colored skies
Ground of bones
Of the angel that dies
Dead trees
Wind filled with coal
Waters of blood
We have paid the toll
Infertile earth
The end of day
Facing the wrath
One cannot not say
A higher power
Fields of fire
Burn to ash
Down with the empire
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 1 1
Heart Broken
You said you love me, but us that true? You use to hold me close to you, against your chest. But why did you stop? Why did you start getting so distant. What happened to us? Did I do or say something? When we met each other, your eyes lit up and your smiled widened. We had that flame, or was it just a spark? What ever it was it lasted all this time.
The times we had together, were they real or fake? Did you really feel they way you told me? I felt and meant every word that I told you. But was it not enough? Tell me, we stayed at each others side for who know how's long.  You hugged and kissed me, made me feel like I was all that mattered to you. Because you meant everything to me. But how did you really feel?
Did you just use me? All the things you told me, were they real? All the times we had together, did they mean anything to you? Just tell me, I wanna know. It might not have been that much to you, but what we did together was first times for me. You made me feel happy.
I'm not
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 1 0
I love this Pic by HikariAllison I love this Pic :iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 2 4 Me at home :P by HikariAllison Me at home :P :iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 0 Me and my buds by HikariAllison Me and my buds :iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 0 Me and my buds by HikariAllison Me and my buds :iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 0 Me in class AGAIN LOl by HikariAllison Me in class AGAIN LOl :iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 15 Me on the bus by HikariAllison Me on the bus :iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 0 Me in class :P by HikariAllison Me in class :P :iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 0 3
What Do You See
I see you staring at me
When exchange glances
What do you see?
I've given you countless chances
What do you think
I've seen you stare at me
You don't even blink
Just what do you see?
Are you gonna talk to me
Or will you just avoid coming near
Me and you could be
Maybe you need something to make it clear
Just take my hand
Show me that you care
Make me feel grand
Who care if people glares?
:iconhikariallison:HikariAllison 1 0


Naruto OC Raika by IcysisDee Naruto OC Raika :iconicysisdee:IcysisDee 206 18 Naruto Oc-Sora no hi by Zerucune Naruto Oc-Sora no hi :iconzerucune:Zerucune 291 23 Picture Perfect Deidara-Collab by ninjagirl-rukai Picture Perfect Deidara-Collab :iconninjagirl-rukai:ninjagirl-rukai 1,851 209 Expose Yourself-Deidara style by renix17 Expose Yourself-Deidara style :iconrenix17:renix17 202 130 Deidara by TheIronWillAlchemist Deidara :icontheironwillalchemist:TheIronWillAlchemist 98 48 ::Deidara:: by kamali-chan ::Deidara:: :iconkamali-chan:kamali-chan 28 31 Deidara and Hidan by Chloeeh Deidara and Hidan :iconchloeeh:Chloeeh 401 70 Deidara by x0imaginazn0x by Clay-Creations Deidara by x0imaginazn0x :iconclay-creations:Clay-Creations 28 0 Kushinada o ukeireru by SoulOfPersephone Kushinada o ukeireru :iconsoulofpersephone:SoulOfPersephone 182 108 Now you've made me pissed off by SoulOfPersephone Now you've made me pissed off :iconsoulofpersephone:SoulOfPersephone 107 100 Naruto: Shippuden_ Hui Akuen by HerbGardenn Naruto: Shippuden_ Hui Akuen :iconherbgardenn:HerbGardenn 407 94 Tres Bestias by ahodak Tres Bestias :iconahodak:ahodak 546 30 Bleach 329 + 339 by waterist Bleach 329 + 339 :iconwaterist:waterist 586 42 Deidara by lamp3r Deidara :iconlamp3r:lamp3r 74 5 DEIDARA SPOILER by Deidara1125 DEIDARA SPOILER :icondeidara1125:Deidara1125 27 7 DEIDARA Blowing up Iwagakure +Noise Manga Patterns by Kaoyux DEIDARA Blowing up Iwagakure +Noise Manga Patterns :iconkaoyux:Kaoyux 2,709 456



If I was god???
  • Listening to: Ipod
  • Reading: My screen
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: On my keyboard
  • Drinking: The lights out of peoples hearts


United States
Hello my name is Hikari.. I love to read and write poetry. I like to take pictures and I love anime.

My favorite anime is Naruto Shippuden.

I got a crush on a character from that show named Deidara. So I made a group for him, so join it please I would really appreciate if you did.…

Some other anime that I like: Fate Zero, Inu X Boku, Hayate No Gotoku, Bleach, Blood+
Ixion Saga, Magi, Kami-Sama, Jormungand, Sword Art Online, Joshiraku.


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